Series poster MUROS


ASSISTANT EDITOR (with Vanessa Carvajal)
SPAIN - SPANISH - TV SERIES - x4 episodes 60 min - Comunicación M+

Director and screenwriter: David Miralles
Investigación: Anais Berdié y Gato Turiel
Film editors: Javi Frutos, Elena Castroviejo
Junior editor: David Beilën
Producers: Maite Ojer Lanas, Pablo Maeso
DOP and Colour: Rigel Pomares Amaré
Music: Laro Basterrechea
Post supervisor: David Lara
Lab: Elamedia
Companies: Buendía Estudios. Movistar + IMDb

So cool to work again with Javi Frutos and getting to know the film editor Elena Castroviejo -also to the rest of the crew, so involved. Thanks to everyone. Although my job has been more technical, personally it has been a reunion with the prison-law as a theme. I took advantage of it by reading and researching before jumping into the project. To the unfriendly ambience of Muros, the director -covered by a faithful crew- got a warm emotion in the characters lives and testimonies.