SPAIN - SPANISH, ENGLISH - TV SERIES - X6 episodes 48 min - Online series

Directors: Félix Viscarret and Nely Reguera
Film editors: Alberto del Campo and Victoria Lammers
Screenwriters: Lucía Carballal, Francisco Kosterlitz, Pablo Remón and Clara Roquet
DOPs: Óscar Durán, Aitor Echeverría
Production sound mixers: Ferrán Mengod and Suso Ramallo
Sound designer and re-recording mixer: Juan Ferro and Steve Miller (Milciclos)
Post supervisors: María Saura, Lara de García, Male Menéndez
Music supervisor: Lourdes Hernández
Producers: Carlos López, Curro Novallas, Félix Viscarret
Buendía Estudios, Movistar + IMDb

With: Adriana Ozores, Oscar Martínez, Patricia López Arnaiz, Marcel Borràs, María Pedraza, Luis Bermejo, Francesco Carril, Jorge Usón

Working in this series has been such a pleasure and comfort –learning how the episodes have developed little by little at the hands of the wicked film editors Alberto del Campo and Victoria Lammers. My job being so technical, dealing with footage and its process, delivering between editorial and other departments... in this project I was asked to edit the "previously" edits: that minute cut that platforms use before a chapter so as to sum up the previous episode. Thrilled to bits of getting to know these directors, and the work achieved.